Heckler & Koch A2 flash hider, 1/2´´-28 UNEF


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  • Since 14.12.2019 allowed in Austria on self-loading rifles!

  • Symmetrical A2 “Birdcage” muzzle flash hider in best NATO quality from Heckler & Koch for the HK416 assault rifle, fits standard AR15 muzzle thread 1/2´´-28 TPI UNEF.

  • Suitable for Schmeisser AR15 and SIG 516 self-loading rifles. Not suitable for the HK MR223, this has a M15x1 thread.

  • The A2 flash hider has an interface for attaching a silencer. Suitable silencers are for example the B&T Rotex V and the STEYR ARMS UMS. With the UMS, no modification of the weapon is necessary due to the low gas back pressure, or with the SIG, the gas pressure device does not have to be adjusted.

  • The MFD is supplied without crush ring (Crush Washer) and is also to be mounted without crush ring, only in this way an optimal alignment of the muzzle device for the silencer operation is guaranteed!

  • Best H&K quality! Not comparable with the cheap offers on ebay or eGun where often the outer diameter is too large and thus no silencer can be mounted!

  • Mounting note: According to HK operating instructions, the muzzle devices are tightened at the factory with 60 (+-5) Nm. For lower tightening torque, we recommend the use of high-strength threadlocker (e.g. LOCTITE 648).

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Weight .055 kg
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flash hider




black / anthracite

muzzle thread

1/2´´-28 UNEF

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