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  • NOTE: You do not need this muzzle device spacer for the KaWaTec compensator A2 (AUG-PRO-7.0), all accessories are included!

  • The compensator can be perfectly aligned with the 5 shim washers, the spacer and the combination tool A1 and, in contrast to countering, the muzzle device is also perfectly aligned axially with the barrel.

  • This product reduces the point of impact shift when using compensators and silencers.

  • The following shims are included: 1x 0,5 mm, 2x 0,2 mm, 1 x 0,1 mm & 1x 0,05 mm.

  • How do you mount the compensator?

    1. First you remove the existing muzzle device (ATTENTION: left-hand thread!) and clean the thread.

    2. Then you put the spacer over the thread as shown until it rests.

    3. Then you screw the compensator tight.

    4. The compensator will not be properly aligned at this point. You hold the supplied combination tool A1 to the wrench size of the compensator and estimate how much you have to turn it back so that it is aligned. With a thread pitch of 1 mm, one turn corresponds to 1 mm distance, half a turn corresponds to 0.5 mm distance and a quarter turn corresponds to 0.25 mm distance. In this way, you can roughly calculate which shims are required for the compensation.

    5. The compensator is now removed again and the shim washers are placed on the thread according to the estimated distance, the compensator is screwed firmly back onto the barrel and the alignment is checked again with the combination tool A1.

    6. If the alignment is correct, screw the compensator down again, apply high-strength thread locker (e.g. Loctite 648) to the barrel thread and screw the compensator back on. You can hold the combination tool A1 to the width across flats while tightening and thus set or check the final alignment.

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