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  • Assembly of the AUG case deflector:

    1. The outer ejection cover is removed by pulling it slightly out of the recess on the front (seen in the firing direction) and pushing it forward until it detaches from the inner ejection cover.

    2. The sleeve deflector is attached instead of the ejection cover (reverse sequence of dismantling).

    3. Due to the different tolerances, it can happen that the case deflector is difficult to get into the recess of the inner ejection cover. You then simply bend the sheet metal lips apart on the front so that the case deflector can be inserted more easily.

    4. If the case deflector is a little too long due to the different tolerances of the stock and therefore does not engage correctly in the stock recess, the front of the front stop must be filed down a little.

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fits following AUG variants

A1, A2, A3, each stock variant with the convertible ejection cover, does not fit NATO stock!

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own product

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