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  • The button is flattened on the side to make it easier to use. However, it can also be installed rotated by 180 degrees.

  • Due to the installation in an AUG Z, the quick change of the barrel as with the military variant is not given (!), You need the same amount of time to remove the barrel as before, but you avoid unsightly scratches on the receiver. The installation is therefore legally harmless.

  • To remove the barrel, proceed as always: Take the receiver with barrel out of the stock, then use a screwdriver to turn the dismantling screw out as far as it will go. Now comes the innovation: You no longer need to push in the barrel lock pin with a pen from the front (or from the side where the dismantling scratches usually occur) so that the barrel can be swiveled out, but you can press the barrel release button with your thumb and swing the barrel out . In the end, you don’t save time, just a tool and a few unsightly scratches.

  • How do you install the barrel release button?

    1. First you remove the barrel as usual, but you screw the dismantling screw back so that the barrel locking pin can no longer turn.

    2. Now heat the front area of ​​the barrel locking pin in the area of ​​the threaded pin until the thread locker loosens and you can unscrew the threaded pin with a suitable screwdriver. This can also be done with a lighter, but it takes time.

    3. Now remove the old pin without the head from the side.

    4. The barrel release button is installed in the reverse order. It is advisable to secure the threaded pin with a thread locker (eg Loctite 648).

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fits following AUG variants

A1, A2, A3, NATO

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own product

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