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  • If you press the charging handle down during loading and lock the charging handle in the receiver recess, the risk of injury is effectively minimized and operability is significantly improved.

  • Because the charging handle can be moved away from the weapon, it can now be operated very well not only from below, but also from above, which significantly improves the charging options.

  • If the bolt does not close completely, you have to operate the “forward assist” (closing aid) by swiveling the charging handle downwards. Due to the free position of the charging handle that is achieved in this way, you can completely enclose it with your hand and push forward forcefully until the bolt is completely closed.

  • The flat spring serves as a break protection. If the charging handle is hit hard from the side, the handle folds towards the receiver and springs back again. In the worst case, only the spring breaks and the charging handle remains functional.

  • Further information can be found in the operator´s manual.

  • OPERATOR´S MANUAL will follow shortly!

Additional information

Weight,033 kg

aluminum 7075, steel



fits following AUG variants

A2, A3, NATO

the following parts need to be modified

own product / third-party product

own product

Steyr AUG