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  • The KaWaTec magazine release consists of 2 components, the locking element (1), which is movably connected to the operating element (2). The locking element has a similar structure to the standard magazine holder, but the locking element does not lie directly on the stop surface in the stock, but only indirectly via a stop surface on the operating element. The operating element rests on the stop surface in the stock like the standard magazine holder. By mounting the operating element in the locking element, the operating element can be pressed in both directions of rotation to release the magazine holding device.

  • To operate the magazine release, it does not matter in which direction of rotation you press the operating element. The shooter can, for example, like the AK 47, grasp the magazine including the operating element and remove the magazine by exerting pressure. The shooter can, however, continue to press the control element upwards with his thumb in the usual way in order to remove the magazine. The shape of the operating element also makes it possible for the shooter to simply slide his thumb or a replacement magazine up between the magazine and the operating element, thus triggering the magazine release. These diverse operating options for the magazine release enable the shooter to intuitively trigger the magazine release in all conceivable situations.

  • Further information can be found in the operator´s manual.


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Weight,033 kg

aluminum 7075



fits following AUG variants

A1, A2, A3

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own product

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